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The CSU Fully Online program provides an opportunity for eligible matriculated students to enroll in one course per term offered by another CSU campus. The program is aimed to facilitate access to high demand, high success courses as part of the continuing effort of providing students with access to the courses needed to expedite graduation.

The CSU Fully Online program offers courses from each of the 23 system campuses in a variety of disciplines to accommodate the needs of current CSU students. Included in the offerings is a small number of courses that have gone through an extensive review process, and have been deemed effective, based on the curriculum and student success rates. In addition, these courses carry a small number of guaranteed seats for visiting students. These courses are denoted with a red ribbon.

While reviewing courses on the subsequent page, it is recommended that students select multiple options before visiting their student self-service portal to request enrollment. When viewing for courses on the student portal, only open courses with seats available will be visible.

First-time CSU Fully Online students:

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Returning CSU Fully Online students:
I have previously enrolled in a CSU Fully Online course, or would like to view how a course will transfer back to my home campus.
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If you are ready to enroll in a CSU Fully Online course, please visit your Self-Service portal on your campus and select the "Enroll in CSU Fully Online" link.

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